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Our Story

We are Matt + Jo.


We work, play, and live here in the heart of Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia. The love for caffeine and community is how the idea of Better Vibe came to be.


We met in the Canadian Army and welcomed our son into the world soon after. Our priority became family so we dove head first into the entrepreneurial world to achieve the balance we craved.


For two years our hobby was sampling coffee and ice cream shops from Kelowna to Carbonear, as we met each other’s families and friends posted across the country. We critiqued what we loved (or didn’t) about each one, with the hopes of one day starting our own.


As we introduced our son to our siblings, Lawrencetown was our final destination. We fell in love instantly and decided to stay. We were welcomed into our community with open arms by the best of friends.


With the help of so many… we turned our passion into a career.

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