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It's not just about the coffee.
It's about making things


Our Story

It's simple.

We aim to improve the beach and trail experience with quality homemade products while minimizing impact on the environment. We do right by our team. We do good for the community.

A Better Vibe.


Heirloom Recipes  

We pride ourselves in only serving our customers recipes that are tried and absolutely loved by our families. Recipes from deep within generations. With lots of "a shake of that" and "a bit of this". Each recipe passed down and perfected through time and family critics. Nothing is better than a home baked treat. Small batches made with so much love and a menu that changes with the seasons.


Take out only✨

7am-5pm Thursday-Friday

7am-5pm Sat-Sun

Hours change seasonally

Our last day of the 2022 season will be Saturday, October 29th!

Better Vibe. (Instagram Post).png

We are Better Vibe. A small, family run café in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia. We run on quality products, community and laughter. Come hang out!


204 Conrad Rd

Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia 

Canada B2Z 1S1

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