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Our Story

It's simple.

We aim to improve the local beach and trail experience with quality homemade products while minimizing our impact on the environment.

We do right by our team. We do good for the community.

A Better Vibe.

We're Matt+Jo

We work, play, and live here in the heart of Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia. The love for caffeine and community is how the idea of Better Vibe came to be.


We met in the Canadian Army and welcomed our son into the world soon after. Our priority became family so we dove head first into the entrepreneurial world to achieve the balance we craved.


For two years our hobby was sampling coffee and ice cream shops from Kelowna to Carbonear, as we met each other’s families and friends posted across the country. We critiqued what we loved (or didn’t) about each one, with the hopes of one day starting our own café.


As we introduced our son to our siblings, Lawrencetown was our final destination. We fell in love instantly and decided to stay. We were welcomed into this incredible community with open arms by the best of friends.


With the help of so many… we turned our passion into a career.

Owners of Better Vibe Cafe sitting in a space being renovated

Real food. No secret ingredients.


From our hearts to your plate

We pride ourselves in only serving recipes that are tried and absolutely loved by our families. Each recipe has been passed down, perfected by generations of family critics with lots of "a shake of that" and "a bit of this".


Nothing is better than a home baked treat.


Small batches made with so much love and a menu that changes with the seasons. 

We couldn't do it alone.

Our team for the 2023 season

Here at Better Vibe, we pride ourselves on not only the delicious food and drinks we serve, but also the amazing team that makes it all possible. While there are many people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure our cafe runs smoothly, we wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the friendly faces you'll see day-to-day when you pop by.

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